Plant yourself right here.

Gnomesy matches people and plants to ensure even the busiest professionals or novice gardeners can effortlessly find their green thumb.

Your Plant Partner

Creating an Instagram-worthy green space isn’t as hard as you think. Whether you have trouble keeping plants alive or simply don’t know where to begin, Gnomesy walks you through every step of the process — from sourcing the perfect plants to teaching you how to care for them. Tried this before? We bet you haven’t had a gnome coach helping you along the way, spilling the secrets to plant success.

How It Works.

  1. Find Your Plantmatch

    Take our short quiz and meet your new plant.

  2. Receive your start-up kit

    Your plant — and everything you need to care for it — will be delivered to your door.

  3. Get real-time care instructions

    Receive advice and plant care texts from our gnome coaches.

  4. Build out your personal greenhouse

    Our online platform tracks your plant inventory, care history, progress and more.

Become one of the gnomies.

At Gnomesy, we're obsessed with designing solutions for fun, stress-free plant ownership. We're recruiting a few gnomies to help us achieve plant-life perfection. Interested in working with us during our beta period?

  • An introductory price on the Gnomesy starter kit.
  • First input on new features and services you want to see.
  • First access to new products and features.
  • A special thank you gift from the Gnomesy team.

Introductory price at just $69

In addition to your plant and start-up kit, gain first access to our automatic care alert system and personalized greenhouse that allows you to manage your plant family with the help of Tonti, our chief gnome.

Ready to create your own green space?

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